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Sales Tales is a collection of funny & interesting business stories that takes the reader through the sales process start to finish. Mandi shares fun examples of getting new clients by watching the Millionaire Matchmaker, to using her run with the Olympic torch in San Francisco as a networking tool to get more clients. She covers more serious topics such as managing client relationships during Covid 19 and how she managed her time & kept her business afloat while sitting bedside with her husband in the hospital after a near death scare. 

Sales Tales Book stories are told through Mandi’s quirky upbeat lenses where she finds humor in all aspects of life and a take away lesson that can be applied to each situation.

Best case scenario: The reader walks away with a nugget that he or she can apply to their daily business life.

Worst case scenario: The reader learns nothing but gets a good giggle & hope from the funny & inspiring stories.


Sales Tales is in the final writing and editing phases and hopes to be complete by 2021. If you want to to be on the notice list for chapter releases and the book launch,

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