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Day 4-Covid

December 26th has started and I woke up feeling better than yesterday, but still like crap. Mid-day yesterday through bedtime my throat hurt so bad like there were scissors cutting through my uvula. The good news is that my headache is completely gone and the nasal drip is not as much of a rushing water faucet as it had been the previous days. I woke up today without any pain in my throat so I am viewing this as progress. The cough and congestion have set in. It doesn't quite feel like it's in my lungs but it is an annoying cough and productive where I am coughing up phlegm about 70% of the time.

Here is my current routine, which I am open to change, but for now this works:

Wake Up--Shower. Hot shower to help with the congestion and just stay clean. There's something about Covid that makes me feel filthy. Maybe it's being in the same room all day, or laying in a bed, but waking up and showering actually helps temper my symptoms for the start of the day, even if it's for a brief period of time.

Drink a gallon of water--that's 128 ounces or 7.5 of these.

My dad has been putting replacement bottles in a bag at the base of the stairs every morning.

The Covid Cocktail--A friend of mine gave me this recipe and said her doctor gave it to her. She said it drastically helped minimize her symptoms. I take this as soon as I wake up in the morning. I did not take the baby aspirin because it's never agreed with my guts so I left that out. I couldn't get my hands on Echinacea tea either but I have the rest.

1. Vitamin D3 4000 IU per day x 5 days

2. Vitamin C 1000 mg 2 times per day x 5 days—we like the slow release form

3. Zinc picolinate 30-50 mg per day x 5 days

4. Pepcid 20 mg twice a day x 5 days

5. Baby aspirin 81 mg per day x 5 days

6. Echinacea tea with honey 1-2 cups per day x 3-5 days

Keep a schedule: I wake up, shower, chug a bottle of water, take the meds, tidy up my zone, drink a cup of decaf coffee, write, catch up with hubby/family via text then nap. I have been taking at least a 3-hour nap every day where I lay down to rest sometime between 11 a - 1 pm. It makes the time go by better with a schedule and your body likes a schedule. It makes the healing process go faster. If you are a woman, in your 40's like me, your hormones will thank you if you are keeping your circadian rhythm in check while your immune system is fighting the virus. Keeping that in mind, I try to be awake when it's light out and sleep when it's dark out.

Commit To Rest and Hydration: These are the two things that I have noticed have helped. It's easy when you feel better to start motoring again. Even though you feel better, your body is still going through so much as it fights this virus. Rest and hydration are my main priorities over anything else. If I feel tired, I lay down, even if it's not to sleep but to just rest. I have a water bottle in all areas of the room, the bathroom, and the dining foyer.

This is my plan and I am sticking to it, for now, until I find a better plan or this one starts sucking.

Lemoncello out of Lemons:

--Even though we lost, I got to watch the Browns game over Zoom with my hubby yesterday while he is in San Diego. That was fun.

--I am so happy this happened on 12/23 when most people are not working. This has given me a solid 5 days to rest and heal before the end of the year work madness kicks in.

--My family has been spectacular--specifically my mom and dad. There is no better place to be sick than at Kathy and Dave Kobasic's house. It's a true 5-star wellness resort. Miraval and Canyon Ranch--WATCH OUT!

If you or someone you know is going through Covid right now, email me anytime. I am happy to commiserate, be a cheerleader, share best practices and just watch something on Zoom with you, anytime. This is a weird illness and I am lucky to not be alone during it. If you are alone or know someone alone going through this, please reach out to me.

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