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Day 7-Covid-NEGATIVE!

Holy canoli! I am negative. I normally would not support shouting happiness about being negative as I am wired to be a positive pollyanna, but, this morning, I am thrilled to share I AM NEGATIVE! I debated taking a test because the CDC says I don't have to quarantine anymore, I don't have any symptoms and I am not contagious anymore but not testing before flying was weighing on me.

I woke up this morning, tested and BOOM--NEGATIVE!

While I waited 15 minutes for the results I had one last ham sandwich for breakfast from the leftover Christmas HoneyBaked ham. This is the longest I have spent in the kitchen/living room area since 12/23. It felt weird, almost criminal.

This whole time stuffed up in my quarantine crib made me feel like I was a grounded teenager being punished for smuggling booze. Although the accommodations were lovely, I still felt like I did something wrong. It felt nice to be out of "jail".

If you're wondering about the clementine vinaigrette rumor, wonder no more. SHE DID IT! For my grande finale meal last night, mom made it. She used clementines from our garden in San Diego and made the dressing. It was so good. It even sparkled.

I woke up this morning without any symptoms again except a lingering runny nose. The runny nose today feels different than the early Covid days of runny nose. This is productive and feels more like allergies than an ailment.

Last night I had a ceremonious final cookie, in bed as I sipped my TheraFlu. It didn't do me any good because I didn't fall asleep until 2 in the morning. I was up all night debating if I should test or not before I flew. I knew I wasn't contagious but my conscience will feel better if I tested before I flew today, so I did. Sad I lost sleep over it, but glad I tested. I can sleep on the flight home.

Lemoncello out of Lemons:

--I did not get bed sores. Yes, I was worried about bedsores. I even asked my 2nd niece who is in nursing school about warning signs. She showed me a picture. If you want to get inspired to stop binge-watching Netflix and stretch every couple of hours, Google pics of BED SORES. The visual alone is enough to kick your 2022 workout plan into gear.

--Mom, dad and hubby did NOT get the vid. These are 3 of the 5 most vulnerable patients to Covid in my life and I exposed them starting 12/21. I was so worried they would get it, but they didn't. All 3 are healthy.

--Best quote of the week: "How do I tell the difference between Covid and the normal aches and pains of being old as shit." Dad.

Next up....Covid recovery. I have read not to take this lightly. It's important not to rush back into normal life and remember that my body is still recovering from a virus and to gradually re-introduce workouts, scheduling, and pace of life. I am going to keep the same regime at home that I've been keeping here and take it easy until January 15th. I am also going to continue to mask up for the next 4 days around people in public just to be safe.

If you have Covid or know someone with Covid, please share these posts and tips. If you have any tips or hacks you want to share with me, I am all ears. If you are recovering from Covid and have recovery tips, send them my way. As I enter this next phase of gradual re-entry I want to be thoughtful about it and do it in a way where this doesn't make a lasting impression on my body so send tips and hacks my way.



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