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Day 1--Spa Day+Wishing Trees!

When I decided to take a week off, it surrounded around today.

All I wanted was a spa day at Estancia.

Estancia is this rustic chic resort in La Jolla that is a locals' favorite.

I always feel at peace there because around every corner is lush landscaping and an outdoor escape to which you can wander and wonder.

Shortly after booking my spa day, I was chatting with a gal pal about her summer plans.

She mentioned her whole family would be gone at the end of June and she'd be flying solo. It magically aligned with Estancia spa day so I invited her to drive down from LA and join me, and she did!

Day 1 was really coming together.

The plan was:

facial at 11

gal pal arrives at 12:30

massages at 1

Pool/cabana time

Scoot meet us for dinner at 6. (my husband's office is directly across the street from the hotel and Wednesdays are his "work from office" days)

The universe really had my back.

I arrived at the hotel and got into the spa.

There seemed to be some confusion about my robe (#robegate) which caused me to arrive at the treatment room disheveled with my stuff loudly falling all over the floor.

I descended upon this poor peaceful spa like a bat out of hell.

Once settled, the facial lady and I discussed the treatment. It was not the treatment I thought I booked. This was likely a user error (me being a bad reader).

It was clear the aesthetician and I were not on the same page.

We agreed to modify the facial--make it relaxing--do a head and neck massage and make my face glow. Although it was supposed to be 25 minutes and ended up being 15 minutes and once we got into our groove, all was right in the world.

You be the judge, does my face look like it's glowing?

The day went as planned and everything was spectacular from the company, food, drinks and experience.

After dinner, we stumbled onto a wishing tree??

WHAT?? Yes, a wishing tree.

They had pieces of paper, pens, and trees.

We wrote down our wishes, pinned them to the tree and stumbled back to our room.

I loved this idea of a wishing tree I am going to find a way to create one in my front or back yard when I get home tomorrow. I love the concept of wishing, wandering, and wondering. Maybe it's the alliteration of all the W's but wishes seem whimsical and making a whim a reality feels really interesting.

When was the last time you turned a wish into a reality?

This also inspired me to take one picture of myself each day to see if the transformation is obvious before our very eyes. Is it?

Maybe on day 5 I'll lay them all out and you can vote.

Tomorrow's plan involves reading, relaxing, and a FRIENDRAISER!

I've never been to a FRIENDRAISER so this is an adventure I am excited to discover.

Remember, take time for yourself. You think you don't have it, but you do. Make time.

Your body, brain and humans in your sphere will thank you!



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