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When Mandi was fifteen years old a fight started in the halls of her high school.  Instead of finding an adult to break it up, she absorbed the energy of the growing crowd and motivated buyers. She busted out her box of Tootsie Pops that she was selling for the Spanish Club fundraiser & sold them all in ten minutes. It was at this moment she realized;

Mandi loved crowds and loved sales. 

(In case you're worried, the light squabble produced no injuries)

This parlayed into more than 20 years of jobs where the business of gathering & sales was the main event. Mandi has held executive leadership roles at private event venues, major & independent hotel brands globally. She has lead teams to open new hotels, launch new brands and created sales teams and systems for all of these entities along the way. 


It’s no surprise that years later she is a multi business owner combining her passion for business and gatherings!

Mandi started Facetime Coaching Company in 2006. A client of hers asked her to guide their partnership in expanding their business. Mandi invited the partnership to her kitchen table for a coaching session. They met weekly, developed a road map, expanded their offerings and renegotiated vendor contracts. Mandi held them accountable in her empathetic and assertive way and the business became wildly successful. 

A coaching business was born!


In the early days, Facetime Coaching Company was Mandi's "side hustle" while she worked for hotels. Since 2010, her Coaching, Speaking, &  Writing have grown and become a very equal part of her world. 


In 2010, Mandi went to “the other side” of the hotel business and joined her long time client, HPN Global, a full service site selection & venue finding global meetings company. Here she finds hotels and venues for her clients all over the world, negotiates pricing & contracts while consulting her clients in all aspects of managing their meetings, conferences and conventions.


Mandi runs her businesses with vigor, balance and excitement. 

Some people may say she has a "side hustle" Mandi believes "It's ALL HUSTLE why can't we do all the things we love?"


It’s important to Mandi that fun ensues in all her professional endeavors, even in the most serious of situations. Whether she is coaching your team to close deals OR scouting out the perfect location for your meeting, there will always be laughs and excitement.

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