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.Lunch Time Live. Woman Crush Wednesday with Jessica Martini 

Jessica interviews Mandi on the new LinkedIn Live platform. They have fun talking about boring people at networking events, empathy in business, mentors and how a cookie or meditation can make you happy.

Open Book.

The Greatest Book You'll Ever Read Is the One You Write!

Watch the interview with Mandi and other writers as they talk about navigating the tough process.



Busting the myth!

You can only sell your product when the audience knows what it does and how it can help them. So, where does this myth, “A great product will sell itself,” arise from? Read the fulll artice on Salesmate.


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Let's Celebrate! 

Join us for a Live Event on Women's Entrepreneurship Day with Mandi Graziano! Featured on



Virtual Education: Sales Tales and Business Bedside Manner™

 What is Business Bedside Manner? Similar to the way a doctor (should) interact with a patient, Mandi's methods hinge on empathy and awareness — only now, with the people you interact with on the job.

Check out the event recap from MPI So Cal Connect.


Her Story Q&A: Mandi Graziano, Coach & Author of Sales Tales

 Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons from a Life in Sales is a collection of witty and informative business stories culled from her career. Check out the article from W Marketplace.


How (and When) to Revisit Your Goals

Covid-19 turn your life upside down? Here’s how to decide when it’s the time to revisit or revise your goals. Goal-setting requires intentional thinking and awareness. Mandi Graziano shares her best coaching tips with on how to effectively set goals and re enter the workplace.

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Smart Meetings 

Meeting professionals share what's in their bag of tricks when it comes to 911 meeting emergencies. Code Red - Mandi to the rescue!

Read the article from Smart for your fix it guide.


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SALES TALES: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons From a Life in Sales

It's a big day as Sales Tales has officially been released!  

Mandi Graziano used to think “sales” was a dirty word. Then she made a living out of it and realized we all need sales in every aspect of our lives. Read this red hot press release!


Story Book

The Meetings helps us break down and understand the "new normal" of corporate meeting planning!

Read article about Budget Business in 2021 and beyond. Understand why budgeting strategies are fluid due to the pandemic. Mandi shares her thoughts and insight with


Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on CaliBBQ Media.

 Business and sales coach Mandi Graziano is our guest on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast, where she shared stories and lessons about sales, writing a business book, digital marketing, and much more.

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Read article as Mandi shares how she helped her client move their 2000 person trade show from a convention center to a major league baseball stadium in top hospitality industry magazine, Convene by PCMA 

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Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on Ship Building with Cooper & Caleb

This week we interviewed Mandi Graziano. Business coach, business consultant, conference consultant and speaker. Tune in as we peel away layers after layer from her.


Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on Conversation With Our Meeting Planners

Hosted by Sonia Fang, Vice President Convention Sales and Services Miami CVB. Mandi joins a panel of seasoned meeting professionals to discuss topics centered around today's meeting and event space environment.

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Mandi Engages with Industry Leaders about Site Inspections, Virtual Presentations & Future Conferences at the HSG, Second Hotel Exclusive Virtual Panel

Watch the conversation with industry leaders about site inspections and live meetings since the pandemic. Good stories, dos and don'ts, and tips for hotels around the country looking to WOW clients and win business...


Mandi Talks About Her Businesses, Covid 19 and her Nerdy Passion for Sales on the Anything and Everything Donna Lisa Podcast 

This week, we chat with Mandi Graziano on how she adjusted her business during the pandemic and how she continued to stay busy with her clients. Hear about her future plans to publish her new book - Sales Tales...


Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on Xplicit Podcast 5: Strong Women 

Mandi is a great human, and a successful one; both in business and life. We discuss understanding one's own power and what the decades mean for personal growth and wisdom. The overarching theme is embracing you as you, and learning to give less...