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Taylor Smith breaks down the six pieces of advice she talked about with the Meetings Today team. Click here to read about how Mandi can help you feel more comfortable networking at big events. 


Mandi discusses the awkwardness of networking in the meetings and events industry. Tune in to learn tips of how to more comfortably network at your next event.  

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Mandi shares information about how using optimism and other key behavioral skills have contributed to success in her experiences in her professional career. 

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Mandi shares insights on overcoming obstacles, successful selling via thorough product knowledge and customer perspectives, and time management in managing client prospects. She also discusses the effectiveness of cold calling across industries and provides advices to entrepreneurs.

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Mandi talks about all the things with Robin and Niki - Sales, Management, Hospitality, Cleveland Browns - you name it. 

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In this episode Sarah Elkins and Mandi Graziano discuss how past failures, current clarity, and future aspirations drive us and shape us into who we are today.


If you are interested in learning more about selecting sites and negotiating the terms of hosting a business meeting or other event, you should meet Global Campus instructor Mandi Graziano.

Mandi, an acclaimed sales coach and top hospitality and conference expert, teaches MP 104 “Site Selection, Negotiation and Legal Issues,” an online course that is a prerequisite for the SDSU Global Campus Professional Certificate in Meeting and Event Planning.

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In this episode, Erin and Mandi talk about befriending your anxiety and give you tangible tips for honoring what you have always known you need.


Mandi joins to  dig into how to sell as a hospitality business and also explore some other areas of personal development and connection.


Mandi shares with local San Diego magazine a little bit about who she is. She discusses her adventures in creating success for herself and Facetime Coaching Company.

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Mandi shares twenty-three hacks that she has seen guide success in meetings. Check out the wide range of advice she offers to improve your next meetings in 2023 and beyond.


Mandi shares with Dori Stewart her best tips on how to make the most of the sales experience: consider the employer, the buyer, and seller and consider how to optimize your relationships. 


Mandi has a very down to earth style in sharing what she loves about the sales profession and how everything we do involves selling - so embrace it rather than shy away from it.


Local Southern California Magazine profiles Mandi, her 3 businesses, her favorite places to go in San Diego and more...


When was the last time you did a TikTok video for business? 

TikTok is not just for teenagers doing dance routines. It is a global platform that can give your brand a huge boost.

Prevue Magazine interviews Mandi on her recent Meeting Planner TikTok Tour and tips on how you can create your very own TikTok tour while on your next business trip.

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Mandi chimes in about the role third parties play in the resurgence of meetings. She and peers discuss the importance of keeping your head in the game, being a student of the crisis and not letting anything get you down. There is possibility and opportunity in these business times we live in. You just have to look for it and keep your antennae up. 


Mandi and Stephen discuss leadership, business bedside manner™ and how to be a more effective business partner.


Mandi chats with gutsy women's business coach and long time media/broadcasting maven Ivy Slater about turning a fling into a thing, the everything is possible mindset & how Ivy is going to name Mandi's next book. 

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Jennifer English, James Beard award winner and Editor of Food & Beverage Magazine opens up a conversation with Mandi about Digital Table Top Touch, The Future of Hospitality & The Two of them Taking Their Act on the road Thelma & Louise style. Listen to this electric conversation about the hospitality world.

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 Networking doesn't have to be lame. Check out this article in Small Market Meetings magazine about how to get back into the game, creatively.

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Mandi has coined a term she calls “business bedside manner.” To Mandi, the “hospitality” in the hospitality industry shouldn’t just describe the products and services being sold, but the entire culture of how business is conducted. Oftentimes, leaders within the industry won’t hesitate to go above and beyond for the sake of the guest, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be patient and accommodating. The limits of that patience are usually a lot lower when dealing with fellow vendors, coworkers, or industry professionals.


Listen to Mandi & Timmy chat about the stigma of sales, Mandi's urge to create a sales school for kids some day and Timmy's brilliant children's book business model. 


Mandi talks with Association industry veterans Tom Morrison of Metal Treating Institute Management & Dave Will of PropFuel about conference trends and the overall resurgence of meetings in 2022 and beyond. They chat about new attendee engagement strategies, maximizing budgets, and giving more value to exhibitors. This is a highly energetic episode that hits important topics from 3 different angles. You won't want to miss this.

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Mandi and Dave share giggles & good conversations about dynamic sales tactics, surveying your customers, is it better to schedule or just call a customer, choose your own adventure emails and more on this spectacular podcast by EO. 


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Mandi & Raul discuss how to be a good human AND a stellar business person all at the same time. Raul shares stories of his leadership journey and Mandi shares stories about how she lied about her first sales job. Mandi and Raul bond about living in San Diego and discuss the value of chronicling mini wins, big wins and life process. 

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Listen to Mandi & Kevin Dorsey (KD) the tech God of Inside Sales Excellence share stories about epic sales fails, how to live better as a sales person and take care of yourself and why it's important to be different and clever in the sales process. 

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Lois Sonstegard interviews Mandi about closing sales quickly, what to do to make the sale more smooth & the power of a good Business Bedside Manner™

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Listen to Mandi Graziano & Vinay Koshy, Founder at Sproutworth talk about Empathy in Sales, Managing Anxiety, and Fine Tuning Business Bedside Manner™ in this electrically fun podcast episode chock full of takeaways and nuggets. 

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Social Studies - Today's Trends! 

How To Use Social Media For Your Next Event/Conference?

See Mandi's tips she shares on how to increase attendance and excitement about your next conference through social media in The Meetings Magazine.  

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Former Resident and Author - Hometown Book Tour

Read Mandi's hometown newspaper The Royalton Recorder in North Royalton Ohio who profiled her move from Ohio to San Diego and announced her upcoming Ohio Book Tour. 


Skip to Page 5 to read the full article.  



Road to Growth - Success as an Entrepreneur!

Listen to Mandi & Vinnie talk about growing a business, being an entrepreneur and the road blocks, struggles and tips to business growth. 




Interview with Central Arkansas Library

Lauren Dixon with CALS interviews Mandi as she talks about her new book "Sales Tales".  As a lifetime junky in the hospitality business, Mandi shares her stories from the past 25 years. Listen here!

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Lunch Time Live. Woman Crush Wednesday with Jessica Martini 

Jessica interviews Mandi on the new LinkedIn Live platform. They have fun talking about boring people at networking events, empathy in business, mentors and how a cookie or meditation can make you happy.

Open Book.


The Greatest Book You'll Ever Read Is the One You Write!

Watch the interview with Mandi and other writers as they talk about navigating the tough process.




Busting the myth!

You can only sell your product when the audience knows what it does and how it can help them. So, where does this myth, “A great product will sell itself,” arise from? Read the fulll artice on Salesmate.


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Let's Celebrate! 

Join us for a Live Event on Women's Entrepreneurship Day with Mandi Graziano! Featured on




Virtual Education: Sales Tales and Business Bedside Manner™

 What is Business Bedside Manner? Similar to the way a doctor (should) interact with a patient, Mandi's methods hinge on empathy and awareness — only now, with the people you interact with on the job.

Check out the event recap from MPI So Cal Connect.



Her Story Q&A: Mandi Graziano, Coach & Author of Sales Tales

 Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons from a Life in Sales is a collection of witty and informative business stories culled from her career. Check out the article from W Marketplace.



How (and When) to Revisit Your Goals

Covid-19 turn your life upside down? Here’s how to decide when it’s the time to revisit or revise your goals. Goal-setting requires intentional thinking and awareness. Mandi Graziano shares her best coaching tips with on how to effectively set goals and re enter the workplace.

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Smart Meetings 

Meeting professionals share what's in their bag of tricks when it comes to 911 meeting emergencies. Code Red - Mandi to the rescue!

Read the article from Smart for your fix it guide.


Book Cover final

SALES TALES: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons From a Life in Sales

It's a big day as Sales Tales has officially been released!  

Mandi Graziano used to think “sales” was a dirty word. Then she made a living out of it and realized we all need sales in every aspect of our lives. Read this red hot press release!


Story Book

The Meetings helps us break down and understand the "new normal" of corporate meeting planning!

Read article about Budget Business in 2021 and beyond. Understand why budgeting strategies are fluid due to the pandemic. Mandi shares her thoughts and insight with


Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on CaliBBQ Media.

 Business and sales coach Mandi Graziano is our guest on this episode of the Digital Hospitality podcast, where she shared stories and lessons about sales, writing a business book, digital marketing, and much more.

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Read article as Mandi shares how she helped her client move their 2000 person trade show from a convention center to a major league baseball stadium in top hospitality industry magazine, Convene by PCMA 

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Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on Ship Building with Cooper & Caleb

This week we interviewed Mandi Graziano. Business coach, business consultant, conference consultant and speaker. Tune in as we peel away layers after layer from her.


Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on Conversation With Our Meeting Planners

Hosted by Sonia Fang, Vice President Convention Sales and Services Miami CVB. Mandi joins a panel of seasoned meeting professionals to discuss topics centered around today's meeting and event space environment.

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Mandi Engages with Industry Leaders about Site Inspections, Virtual Presentations & Future Conferences at the HSG, Second Hotel Exclusive Virtual Panel

Watch the conversation with industry leaders about site inspections and live meetings since the pandemic. Good stories, dos and don'ts, and tips for hotels around the country looking to WOW clients and win business...


Mandi Talks About Her Businesses, Covid 19 and her Nerdy Passion for Sales on the Anything and Everything Donna Lisa Podcast 

This week, we chat with Mandi Graziano on how she adjusted her business during the pandemic and how she continued to stay busy with her clients. Hear about her future plans to publish her new book - Sales Tales...


Listen to Mandi as a guest speaker on Xplicit Podcast 5: Strong Women 

Mandi is a great human, and a successful one; both in business and life. We discuss understanding one's own power and what the decades mean for personal growth and wisdom. The overarching theme is embracing you as you, and learning to give less...

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