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What is Business Bedside Manner™?  It's your approach.

Who do you want to be in business?

How do you want to show up?

Why have a Business Bedside Manner™? 
If you are doing business the same way today as you were last year, it's time to change.

Our customers have changed. Our businesses have changed. Our vendors have changed. Defining your own personal business approach will save you time, help you build deeper more lasting business relationships and drive more revenue.

What are the 4 components of Business Bedside Manner™? 


  • Practice Empathy

  • Ask Deeper Questions 

  • Assume Nothing

  • Use Technology to Build Deeper Relationships

Where did Business Bedside Manner™ come from? It started as a bike rant.

I was on a bike ride several years ago thinking about how customers and vendors were treating each other.

Everyone was crunchy.

No one was connecting. People were being downright mean. I thought...

"We are going to remember how we treated each other during this time and we might not be able to forget how awful we were to each other. How can we better our behavior so we rise above this and still do business with each other?"

A Mandi-ism was born. Business Bedside Manner™ was born.

At that moment I started defining BBM and developed a system for my own BBM.

I started helping other businesspeople develop and redefine their own BBM.

I love this term so much I trademarked it. It's now my main keynote speech and I keep finding new ways to sharpen my own BBM and inspire other humans around the world to hone in on their BBM. 

How do I get my own Business Bedside Manner™? 

Ask Mandi to speak at your next event. This is a very fun, interactive 90 minute session for people of all levels that get the audience really thinking about how they want to "show up" in business. Mandi tells self-deprecating and funny stories about the time when she had a really bad Business Bedside Manner™ and also shares stories of where her BBM shined!

The audience will laugh, think, and walk away with practical tactical tips on how to be their best business self.



  • Develop or redefine their own individual Business Bedside Manner™

  • Learn top 4 questions to ask to have a better Business Bedside Manner™

  • Gain 6 tech hacks to use to launch their own Business Bedside Manner™



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