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Day 8-21 Day Challenge-Bikes Rule

11/8: The rest of the day yesterday was pretty chill. We went to a community event called CicloSDas. It's where they close down several streets in the beach community to allow for bikes, roller skates, skateboards and people walking to rule the roost.

No cars allowed. It's organized through San Diego Bike Coalition and we try and go every year. It felt so great to be able to walk the streets without dodging distracted drivers and road ragers.

Despite the chaotic morning I still managed to get the meditation, morning pages and workout in. I've been eating the same non-cow dairy thing for breakfast so that's been easy: raw flour wrap, hard-boiled egg, pepper spears, avocado, slice of turkey. I did the same yesterday after spin. Lunch was leftover schnitzel, german potato salad (mustard and olive oil were the replacement for mayo), and green salad.

This morning was another story. I set my alarm for 3:30 am because I wanted to participate in a Clubhouse room that meets at 3:40 am every morning. It's called the 4:16 club and I can't remember why it's at 3:40 am. Anyway, I went to bed at 7:45 last night and fell asleep instantly. I woke at 3:30, no problem. I tuned into the Clubhouse room and just wasn't into it. It disrupts this wake-up routine I've been working on during this challenge and I felt adding this room to it would interrupt my current jam. I laid in bed a little bit and then got up and started the day. Workout today is pilates. The Basi studio in my hood just re-opened and I am excited to give it a shot.

Morning meditation: Listen to your heart. (cue Roxette), But really, listen to your heart. Follow your intuition. Let intuition and energy be your guide today. I actually practiced that as soon as I read it. While the decaf coffee brewed, I wrote two thank you notes.

They had been on my mind. I love handwritten notes. So, I did it, because my heart told me to. I feel better now.

In other news, I have no idea what non-dairy delight I am making for dinner tonight.

I spent my creative kitchen chops on that shnitzel so it's back to the drawing board for dairy-free goodness. Wish me luck.


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