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What's Your Rhyme For 2024?

Everyone is talking about "What's your word?" for 2024. That's cool if you want to be like everyone else, but I don't. I want to take it a step further and challenge you to think about your rhyme!

I love to rhyme. My first book title rhymed. (Sales Tales)

I aim for all future book titles to rhyme.

Someone said a good journal prompt is to ask yourself

"What were you doing when you were 11 years old?"

Me-I was rhyming. All rhyme, All the time.

I don't know if it was an infatuation with the Beastie Boys or if I had a rhyme time gift but rhyming was my thing.

My little sister and I would make up silly poems and call the local radio station using the voice of Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran and rattle off rhymes to the DJ.

Eventually, the DJ's would publically ask us to stop calling but we never did. We were their worst nightmare but it was a fun free activity for us back in the 80's/

I also was a cheerleader.

My mom and older sister were coaches. Our house was all cheer all the time.

We were always jumping, dancing or making up cheers.

Cheers need to rhyme.

My most proud cheer rhyme was a parody from MC Hammer's You Can't Touch This.

Here's how it went:

"Others have tried but they always seem to miss, face it challengers, (clap clap)

You Can't Touch This"

It was a crowd favorite. Imagine a batch of loud Catholic school ten and eleven-year-olds screaming this at the top of their lungs to the opposing team while doing a high kick. Would you laugh or be intimidated?

I love to write Out of Office Poems. They always rhyme. An out-of-office poem is a great way to be remembered by customers and vendors. It's just one extra reason a business partner may want to engage with you and "like" doing business with you.

I will never leave the office again without slapping on a fun OOO poem for people to enjoy while I am out. Rhyming is a huge part of my personal Business Bedside Manner™

Now that we've cleared the decks on my rhyme history and you have a greater understanding of the rhyme time that frequents my mind, I present you with rhymes for 2024!

As a part of this solo retreat I am on, I made a list of all the words that rhyme with the word FOUR. The result was 19 words that rhymed with 2024. Of the 19, I turned 7 into sentences. Below are the finalists.

Go Get More, 2024.

Kick Down A Door, 2024.

(this of course would accompany a pic of you doing a high kick)

Create Your Own Lore, 2024.

What is Your ROAR, 2024.

Listen To Your ROAR 2024.

(I like the concept of your roar, as in your voice, & listening to what is your loudest voice. I'll do a full blog post on it next)

Ignore, the Days of Yore, Create Your New Lore, 2024.

(kinda wordy but a lot to think about in this one)

What Can't You Ignore, 2024.

There we have it. One rhyme for each day of the week.

Lots to chew on in these.

Which rhyme for 2024 is your favorite?

Which rhyme resonates with you most?

What is your rhyme for 2024?

Feel free to steal them, take them as your own and enjoy the heck out of 2024.

Mandi Graziano is an author, sales coach, and fun inspirational speaker.

Her epic Sales Tales Live! Virtual Group Coaching sessions bring together the world's best sales thought leaders in a one-hour-long bimonthly session. She is the Co-Host of the acclaimed Adventures in Business live show. Her best-selling book Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons from a Life in Sales can be found wherever you buy your books.


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