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Day 12-21 day challenge-half way!

I am more than halfway there. It feels good. I feel strong. I feel grounded. I do not miss dairy at all which is shocking.

Guess what??? I completed my Xplicit Fitness Bingo card today!! I am going to keep going but you know how much I love Bingo.

I did not work out at all yesterday. I was supposed to do 12:15 spin class. My body started aching around 10:30 and I got super tired so I canceled it and said no way. Then, my brain started saying no way around 2 pm so I laid down and tuned out for the rest of the day and night. THAT felt amazing. Listening to my body is something I've had to work on over the years but I am proud of myself for listening yesterday and taking a time out. I needed it.

Morning Meditation: Stop resisting. When we resist, we block what is supposed to come into our lives and we block the flow. When we accept and welcome, the flow is better and the best enters our way. I liked that one. But...I had trouble thinking of what I was resisting. I guess when it comes up, I'll know?

Today's workout: I just got back from boxing. I feel like a badass and feel really strong.

I have an insanely busy day today so starting it off at 6 am with that, makes everything so much better.



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