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Day 16: 21 Day Challenge-FERVOR

Tonight will be fun. My spin studio, Pure Indoor Cycling, is doing a SWEATworking ride in honor of National Entrepreneur Day today. They are also featuring me and my book, We will ride, then SWEATwork with some beer/wine/snacks and I will sign books. We'll talk biz, life and celebrate each other for the amazing accomplishments we've all had and will continue to have. The class is completely sold out and there is a waitlist. I am excited.

So, THAT will be my workout for the day.

I did the same 6:45 PM spin class last night which felt good. I normally work out during the day but might start switching up to the night. I like eating dinner early, going to a class, coming home and showering then going to bed. That's real nice.

Still no dairy. I found oat milk dark chocolate chips at the store this week. SUper nummy. I am going to melt some and dip strawberries in them for an extra treat.

Morning meditation: Do everything you want with fever. I love the word FERVOR. It sounds weird, like something Beeker from the Muppets would say, with real puckered lips. But I like the spirit of the word, FERVOR. So, I will do that today. Yesterday I shared my morning meditation with my siblings. My brother said he does not share in that mindset but did as me for grace and compassion that he does not have a grace mindset? It was funny, but also sad in a small way.



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