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Covid-Day 9-I'm Home-Finally!

It was dicey there for a bit, but, I made it home around 4:30 pm yesterday. While at the Atlanta airport, I bumped into various college football fans proudly wearing their collegiate gear heading to the various cities to which their bowl games were being played. There were Cinci Bearcats, Michiganders, Georgians and various other schools I didn't recognize. At gate T2 the gate agent played the Georgia fight song loudly on the speaker gate speaker which just sounded like the word "Glory" 30 times in a row. There were hoots and hollers filled with jubilee. At the end, there was one small and meek "boo". The gate agent said "Sorry Michigan".

I gather that flight was headed to south Florida for the Orange Bowl.

My flight from Atlanta was delayed. We were to board at 10:20. We boarded at 11:30 because we were waiting for staff. In fact, I learned, that all my flight delays were due to staffing--people calling off due to getting Covid, being exposed to Covid, or simply because they were burned out and wanted a holiday to themselves. There were not any weather delays or mechanical issues, it was all people--which is understandable, at my expense, but still understandable. We finally took off and I landed in San Diego at 2:20, about an hour later than expected. I waited 20 minutes for my bags when an announcement came over the loudspeaker:

"Arrivals from Atlanta, your bags are stuck on a broken carousel, we are getting someone to fix it and your bags will come out soon" WHAT? I have waited so long to be home and now THIS??????

I took this pic as soon as I got the announcement. Yes, I looked like the bus driver from Southpark minus the bird.

I knew the universe had a bigger plan so I exerted my very last ounce of patience, went outside, breathed in the San Diego air, let the sun beat on my face, took 3 deep breaths, and went inside.

When I returned inside my bags came out of the fixed carousel in about 20 minutes. My husband scooped me up and we were on our way. Traditionally, when he picks me up from the airport, we go to Sombrero's and get a rolled taco combo meal upon my return to San Diego. I've been doing this for years. This time, I didn't feel like all that cheese so we redirected to El Pollo Loco and got the KETO BURRITO. I'd never had it, but like that, it was a rhyming menu item. (say it, it's fun--KEEETO BURREEETO) This thing was chock full of veggies, crunch, and grilled chicken. It even had a little bit of queso. I was so hungry I ate it in the car.

I arrived home to Luca, my sweet almost 4-year-old Golden Doodle who was crying and jumping at me to play ball. It was the reunion I had hoped we'd have after not seeing each other for 2 weeks. I started unpacking when an awful headache came over me.

I was dizzy, my ears were ringing and I didn't feel right. I went to bed--at 6:00 pm, woke up at 9:30 to hang out with my husband who was watching the strangest reality TV show about West Virginia. We watched together for about 20 minutes then went to bed. I slept through the night and woke up feeling much better.

Feeling so crappy yesterday and into the night was a good reminder for me to hold firm on my Covid recovery plan. Even though I feel better, I don't think this virus is out of me so I am going to continue to take it easy, lots of water, lots of sleep, and slowly get back into a routine.

Today I will unpack, and then my husband and I will finally have our Christmas.

If you know anyone with Covid or recovering from Covid, share this blog and share recovery tips with me. If you need any "Covid survival" tips, email or reach out to me anytime. I am happy to share the tips and hacks that made me feel better, anytime.

You are not alone.



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