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Clumsy Covid Recovery...

Although I made a triumphant return to spin class yesterday, I didn't realize it would be so clumsy or that I'd meet a new friend named Fred.

Even though I felt better, I had heard horror stories about people getting Omicron.

I heard that people felt better and instantly went back to "normal" life. Eventually, many of these people got bronchitis, vertigo or migraines about 10 days after they tested negative or were "feeling better". This is why I decided to take it slow and be thoughtful in my recovery. From December 29 to January 20 I hunkered down, kept it cool, and took short, daily, slow saunters. I napped when I felt I needed it and really focused on healing--even though I "technically" felt great.

I resumed regular-ish life starting January 20th. I did this because I had clients in town, had to go out of town for work and had studio time scheduled to record my new audio book. From a workout perspective, I hadn't done more than a "walk" for fear of respiratory yucki=ness.

Yesterday, after a 2 month hiatus, I did it! I returned to my favorite spin studio for a class with Maria, the owner and the best spin instructor. It just so happened to be "INSANITY WEEK" which means I am supposed to ride 5 rides in 7 days. This wasn't the way I had planned my re-entry, but, I've been thoughtfully recovering long enough, why not go for it.

I took the class and it was like I never left. I am not sore. The music, ride and energy of the class felt amazing. It was like being back at church, but, this is my Church of Sweat!

Although I was not rusty at spin, I was very rusty with the logistics of the departure from spin. I left the studio and took the elevator the wrong way. I went up, instead of down. I rode to the 6th floor with a nice young man who looked like he face scanned himself into his office upon getting off on his floor. I then took the elevator down to the parking garage. I got off the elevator on the wrong floor not once, not twice, but three times. Each time I got into a parking garage I said to myself, "Hmm, this is orange, this doesn't look right." OR "this is green, this doesn't look right."

Finally--BLUE--I found the right floor.

As I started my car I discovered I forgot my wallet. I thought, "Well, let's try and leave and see what happens." I have ApplePay, maybe they'll take that. I got to the gate and scanned my ticket. That's a good sign, the machine CAN scan barcodes, why WOULDN'T it be able to scan my ApplePay. I went to pay and no such luck. It had to be card only. I sat in my car, behind the gate, in parking garage jail. I contemplated asking strangers to pay for me and then I can VENMO them. Each stranger that got out of their car seemed like they were in a hurry and did not hear me yell "Excuse Me...." or maybe they did, and they just ignored me. I hit the "help" button which rang a phone over and over. No one answered.

I called over and over and finally a nice man answered. I explained my situation and he decided to come down to see me in parking garage jail.

He looked perplexed as to why I wouldn't have my wallet, and I understood, I was perplexed too. I guess I can chalk it up to the re-entry confusion of remembering to bring a mask, shoes, water bottle, phone and keys--a wallet wasn't a part of the 6:30 am shuffle.

He said to me:

" I am not able to take a payment here. I can't hold you hostage either, so, I am going to lift the gate for you, but bring your wallet next time."

I said "THANK YOU, What is your name?"

He said: "Fred" (of course his name was Fred. I have never met a Fred I didn't like)

I asked: "Will you take a picture with me Fred?"

Fred said: "sure"

We snapped a pic, the gate lifted and I was sprung from Parking Garage Jail.

I will be back the rest of the week for INSANITY WEEK I just hope the departure logistics are a little less eventful. And, I will 100% NOT forget my wallet.

If you or anyone have questions about Covid, Covid recovery, or if you have tips or tricks you want to share about Covid or Covid recovery, reach out to me anytime at

You are not alone. We are all learning this thing together. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Mandi Graziano is a best selling author, business coach, public speaker and conference specialist. More of her antics and Covid stories can be found here.



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