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Day 18-21 Day Challenge

Just finished a 3 mile brisk walk with my gal pal Kitty. Her real name is Lori, but we call her Kitty because she sorta looks like a cat. Also, when we were both young and single, she would purr and prance like a kitten, and so a nickname was born, and it stuck.

I cherish our weekly 6 am walks. We bounce between her neighborhood and mine. Luca always comes with us and adores her time with Kitty cat too.

Still no dairy. I made a bomb diggety recipe last night. Here goes:

roasted butternut squash, bacon, chicken, white onion, green onion, parsley and apple. The honey crisp apple was a last-minute add and it was clutch. It made the whole meal. It was filling and colorful and simply scrumdilly-umptius.

My husband said "Sour cream belongs on this"

I said "Not when we're doing no dairy",

Now, I am doing no dairy. He can have as much dairy as he pleases. We don't have any sour cream so he didn't put any dairy on it, but, that was a close call.

I had a dream about my Grandpa Jim last night. He looked at me with his huge shit-eating grin, smiled and waved. I know he was signaling me. I felt happy when I woke up having seen him in my dream. He also looked just like my uncle Dan does now.

Morning Meditation: There are no two people the same. Your body, soul and personality are what make you unique. Take the day to celebrate the differences and uniqueness of the people you encounter. Be in awe of the diversity.

I read this as, "Let your freak flag fly" and so I will.....

I am headed to Santa Monica for a hotel event tonight. I am excited to see my hotel partners and continue to build the re-entry vendor relationships. Every outing like this is a gift and I don't want to take for granted the ability to convene, in person, as a group. It is an honor and I will hold it in that regard.

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