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Day 11-21 day challenge-

I did it! I went to a wine bar and did not get a cheese plate. This is a big victory.

Instead, I got the grilled artichoke hearts and they were delicious.

I did drink the wine, of course--but, there is no cow dairy in wine so we're square.

Also, it looks like I actually might complete a BINGO card this week at Xplicit Fitness.

See that 4th row across? I did a beer stein hold yesterday after class and that will put me into the winning BINGO circle. A beer stein hold is when you take two eight-pound weights and hold them in front of you like beer steins for 30 seconds. I did it after a grueling boxing workout which was not smart, but I did it. The workout was so good yesterday, my face was beet red like a tomato and I was sweating my nards off. All I have to do is bring a canned food item into class next week and BINGO.

The book reading last night was magical. It was a small group of 20ish people. Some were strangers that are now friends. Some were old friends. Krista, who owns Merack Publishing, the publisher of my book, gave a speech that made me cry. She said I have heart and hustle--which made me happy because I know I do, but you never know who else sees that shit about you. It was super nice.

Look how pretty it was on that patio last night at The Wine Pub.

I did one reading an hour and people asked questions. We laughed and I told secrets about the book that have never been revealed.

Workout today is Spin at Pure. Dairy-less dinner: something with green beans. I need to find a recipe.

Morning meditation was to start with one small action to meet your goal. When you're taking action towards an objective that means something to you, the universe follows. The objective may seem daunting and big and overwhelming, but if you break it down, one little goal at a time, it's much easier. I can handle this.

If you think my book above is pretty and want to buy it, click here. Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor and Lessons from a Life in Sales has been ranked #1 on Amazon best seller list and #1 new release. I am super proud of it and know you'll love it. Even if you're not in sales, you'll love it because We All Need Sales.

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