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Day 9-21 Day Challenge-Everything is Fine!

I am crushing the no dairy part of this challenge. I am not crushing the workouts.

I've worked out every day but there is some sort of obstacle and concession each day. For example, yesterday, I had pilates scheduled at 9 am. And then I had someone need 10 books shipped to their house for an executive team and it needed to be overnighted. Box Galaxy (my favorite shipping spot) doesn't open until 9 am. I am so grateful someone bought 10 books for their team. I am so happy to share these tales with an executive team and appreciate the business. This was a priority yesterday. I moved 9 a pilates to 10 a pilates. After waking, writing, watering, and meditating I had 2 contracts to review and had to take the dog for a walk. I did all the things and then another work fire drill popped up. This took me til 9:40. I went to Box Galaxy to ship the books and talk to them about being my fulfillment provider for my signed books and before you knew it I missed another pilates class and it was 10:20. I did do a 2 mile walk in the morning with Luca and a 3 mile walk at night with a gal pal, can I count the extra walk as 30 min of exercise? I am going to count it. Watch me do it. Don't judge. Today's plan--Spin class at 12:15. I will make this for sure because my front end of the day is loaded with calls and actions. Back end for spin and wrap up. Tonight I am going to make another recipe I made up: Stuffed Portabella mushrooms. I will stuff it with ground chicken, roasted peppers, basil, tomatoes and mushrooms. Considering green beans on the side, but we'll see how ambitious I get.

Morning Meditation: Apparently the crow is a spiritual guide and when they communicate the other animals listen and look for guidance? It said something about a crow, and using your voice and listening to your voice and communicating at your highest spiritual self. So, I'll try that today. What do you think?

Mandi Graziano is author of Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor and Lessons from a life in Sales. The book released in October and instantly became best selling and number one new release on Amazon.


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