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Day 17-21 Day Challenge-SWEATworking

Last night's SWEATworking event was magical. 30 people went to a studio at 6:45 pm on a Tuesday, got a strong sweaty workout in and stayed until 9 pm chatting, drinking, sharing business and life stories. It was a communal bond of awesomeness. I drove home with so much gratitude and happiness. I didn't turn the radio or a podcast on, I rolled down the windows, and let myself lather in the thankfulness I felt, in that moment for the previous 4 hours I had experienced. Pure Indoor Cycling is a special place. Maria Disla, the owner, is a special human. She was a great partner to work with and her members are so loyal and appreciative.

Morning Meditation: Focus on what you want. When you make your desires the main focus, and take action towards that focus, anything is possible. Stay focused on exactly what you want and it will come.

What do you do with a batch of leftover Carnitas??? You saute it with some mushrooms and asparagus and put an over-easy egg on top. NUM. This morning's breakfast was better than any restaurant I've been to in San Diego. My husband works from home today and he agreed. Carnitas are the gift that keeps on giving, but, next time I'll make 2 pounds instead of 4. At this point, I am a little Carnitas-out.

I made a batch of healthy, chicken noodle soup (noodle is garbanzo bean noodle) no milk product. I made it for immunity boosters--and my friend has Covid. I haven't seen her in more than 2 weeks but just to be safe, my husband and I both took tests yesterday. We are negative, but, I want to keep our immunity up and drop off a batch to her to enjoy--if she still has taste and smell left.

Workout today is pilates. It's so good to do pilates the day after a tough spin class. It's like having dessert without ingesting all the calories.

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