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Day 19/20-21 Day Challenge-Cheater

I cheated. It was an accidental cheat and then I let the cheat take over--just for a day--but still--it was an impurity during the 21-day challenge toward the homestretch to which I am not proud. Here's how it went down: I arrived to my hotel room and they sent me a gorgeous amenity of macaroons. I saw it, sucked down 3 macaroons without even thinking and then....I remembered....NO DAIRY! DAMMIT! I then went on to eat 3 more and said fuck it. They were good. I had nobody reactions so that was good. Hours later when we sat down for dinner one of the guests ordered a cheese plate-I indulged--it was good too. This time--an instant headache. Boo. I learned my lesson, be careful with the dairy.

I did a nice 3-mile walk on the boardwalk in Santa Monica for a workout.

Morning Meditation: Let go of the way you think things should be, relax in the journey, and let things happen as they may. That was nice.

Yesterday was an amazing day. I did a great 5-mile beach walk in Mission Beach with my pup and husband. It was a gorgeous morning. We did dinner at Cowboy Star with some friends before seeing my friends play WITCHLAND. I drank a lot of wine and am feeling a smidge sleepy today.

Morning Meditation: Grace and Hope. They go hand and hand. Storms will happen, look for the good and an opportunity to exercise grace. once the storm passes, new life emerges. That's a good reminder, especially as I head into the holidays with all the gatherings and all the people.



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