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The Award For Best Sales Presentation Goes To........

Betsey Longmire with Visit Sacramento! Here’s why:

Commitment to the costume: The sales rep wore a bright yellow construction vest the entire day of the conference. This was not a pillar of fashion week but it was eye catching. When asked “Why are you wearing that construction vest?” She replied: “Our convention center just completed a multi million dollar renovation.” This of course sparked conversations about what was added, how it changed and could this be a match for a convention. In a clever way she provoked conversation about her product without drilling me with info. (also, look at her cute yellow shoes that matched the vest...SWOON!)

Smart, Usable, Swag: After our meeting, she handed me a small jar of spices with a catchy slogan on the lid:

"Spice It Up In Sacramento"

It's actually spices I recognize and can use on the daily. Bonus: it was small, fit in my purse or carry on. I hate it when sales people give me Swag that I can't use or is too heavy to lug onto the airplane. When thinking about Swag for your customers, think about convenience. Think about what will keep them re-using and thinking about you with each usage. If this jar were any bigger or had strange colored salt or odd herbs, I would not have been as excited.

Since this is something I can use frequently, and was small. It was a score.

Usage of QR Code: Flip this bad boy over and there is a QR code that directed me to the Visit Sacramento website. I am loving the use of QR codes these days. I also learned how to share my QR code on the LinkedIn page while at this show too. Let me know if you want me to show you the trick. I've now got mad QR code skills. I like QR codes because there is no contact and no business card exchange. It's easy to get a QR code and put it on your signature line, lanyard or phone. Here is the image that comes up when I scanned the QR code on the bottom of this spicy jar of heaven.

These were three simple things that one sales person did that was far above and beyond any sales person at the trade show I attended. It probably cost her a total of $20.00 including the vest. It made an impact, kept her venue on top of mind, and makes me continue to think of the Sacramento Convention Center Expansion and renovation each time I use the spices.

Next time you go see a customer or are at a trade show, think through how you are overall presenting yourself and what message you're leaving with the customer. This sales person wanted me to remember that there is a huge renovation. Her goal was met--Mission Accomplished. She didn't suggest I remember all the square footage, or the detailed nuances of the venue. She knew that if she left me with just one teaser to remember that would be enough for me to investigate further.

What are your goals when you meet with a customer or at a trade show? What small and clever things can you wear, do or leave with a customer that make an impact? It's not always about the big picture. Leaving the customer with just one thought about your product or service is enough to start a relationship about all the other things you offer. What is that one nugget you want them to remember? Think about that, build on it, get creative and do it. Now is the time to be memorable.

To learn more ways you can dazzle your customers with unique selling tactics, hire Mandi to speak at your next sales meeting. Listen to some of her latest panels and podcasts here to get a sample of how your team can learn to be be memorable from Mandi.

Mandi Graziano is the author of Sales Tales: The Hustle, Humor, and Lessons From a Life in Sales book which comes out in October 2021. For more information on pre sales, click here.

NOTE: Mandi was not paid or compensated by anyone at Sacramento convention center to share this information. She genuinely loves sales and loved the ingenuity Betsey and her team brought to the party.

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