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So. Many. Fun. Tricks.

People are getting creative with their safe meetings. Just this past week I heard of so many interesting ideas planners are implementing to keep their meetings safe, clean and still have fun.

BENTO BOXES: everybody's doing it. It allows for a variety of food, in a box, that still feels gourmet but NOT a boring ole boxed lunch.

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

Sanitation During Meetings: A Ghostbusters like crew that makes sanitation fun. A company called SaniCrew will cruise through your event, meeting space and foyers to offer hand sanitizer.

Wristbands with Buzzers: there are a variety of companies out there now offering contact tracing wristbands that double as buzzers if someone gets within 6 ft or less of your personal space. One planner said it was fun while another planner said it was not very accurate. It's worth a demo though. I have not tried this myself but will be checking it out soon. Kinexon Safezone is one company but there are so many out there you can find one that works for you.

Speed Dating: One on one meetings are still popular but doing it outside is much safer. One organization said they did all their 1:1 speed dating business appointments outside, on the terrace, and it was nice to be outside in fresh air and minimize the covid 19 concern. I personally would prefer it outside since normally it is so darn loud inside the ballroom and I end losing my voice from shouting.

Preference Buttons: Thank goodness for Etsy. I actually used some of these buttons at a couple recent face to face events. There are a myriad of kitschy sayings that give people the hint. I purchased all these for a meeting I attended and it was a good extra layer of safety.

This one is big and noticeable

Air Hug Me Covid 19

Rapid Testing On Site: This is a bit controversial because you don't want to infringe on people's privacy but you do want to have a safe event. If you decide to do this for your meeting, we actually have aligned with a couple vendors that will provide excellent service at a discount volume price. Shoot me an email and I can connect you to our vendor. 15 minute results, and a protocol is in place if someone tests positive that won't actually shut your event down but will keep the rest of your attendees safe.

So many fun ways to do meetings now that keep people safe. These are just some of the ideas I've heard over the last couple of weeks. There are so many more ideas to be had. If you have an idea you want to share, reach out to me anytime. Or if you are having a meeting and need help redesigning it, please let me know. Happy to share best practices.



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