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Day 6-21 day challenge: Lottery

11/6/21: My suspicions and nerves were right. I did miss the 8 am spin class yesterday because of a Discovery call with a new client. But...I am happy I did. He was great, interesting and I am excited to work with him. I won't be derailed on this mission though, so I bit the bullet, paid the late fee and signed back up for 12:15 ride. I went to the ride and got the workout in for the day. I still hit the meditation in the morning and blog post.

I bought a lottery ticket last night to stimulate energy from the previous night's dream. I don't know how to buy lottery tickets. The manager at the store didn't know how to sell tickets. We fumbled through it together and I ended up with a ticket for Friday and Saturday's drawings. The manager of the store said: "Wouldn't this be funny if you won? It's the lottery ticket that almost never happened. You didn't know how to buy it, I didn't know how to sell it, no one could find the forms."

He was right. It almost didn't happen, but, then it did--look--here he is, ringing me up.

Morning meditation today: Think of someone in your life you're grateful for an send them positive vibes. How cool is that? Aunt Dena--thank you for being a good friend, aunt, quazi big sis and for traveling the world with me. I love talking politics with you and sharing in bike challenges.

We've got a big day today. Watching someone's dog, seeing a friend's house in escrow, making non dairy pork schnitzel, writing some pitch letters, and having date night. To fit it all in I cancelled Pilates and am doing a 30 minute weights workout in the yard. Still getting it in. Still 21 day challenge success.


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