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Day 2-21 Day Challenge-BINGO CARD

11/2/21: Day 1 was pretty uneventful. Boxing was awesome. I made turkey chili for dinner. Let me know if you want the recipe. Here is a picture of it. It was pretty damn good.

I tried tofu sour cream which tasted, looked and had the density of bathroom caulking. I threw that shit out. The chili is so damn good it doesn't need sour cream anyway. I finished reading the latest issue of San Diego Magazine which always makes me happy. Sitting down and reading a magazine cover to cover is a simple pleasure for me. It was the perfect post dinner activity.

Today I am making a Paleo Asparagus Zoodle Creamy Pasta dinner. (creamy = coconut milk and avocado puree) That reminds me I have to get avocado and dish soap at the store. Today's morning pages was basically a grocery list and a dream journal. Items for the paleo dinner AND an intense dream about a one page multi blue colored document were, and some complaints were what gave me 3 pages double spaced this morning. Workout for the day is Spin class. Guess what? BOTH my boxing place Xplicit and my spin place Pure are doing 21 day challenges WITH BINGO CARDS! I LOVE BINGO. Xplicit Bingo Card Below.

I like how the Xplicit Bingo Card asks members to bring a healthy recipe-it's like they're saying "Why don't you go ahead and make me a healthy meal." in a beefcake sort of voice. I am aiming for that right diagonal. I think I can get that shit done in a week. I already have 2--but plan on crushing that healthy recipe, and pic of pepper by next week.

Also, I have a confession about the morning pages today. I cheated. I went from 12 pt font to 20 pt font for pages 2 and 3 so I could be done quicker. I felt my attention waning. Since it was a batch of complaints, lists, and dreams, I stopped when I got bored. It's all about the muscle and exercise of writing--it's not always about the quality, right?

Morning meditation: compassion and perspective.

Next up: The "other" gym's bingo card, a pic of the "creamy" pasta recipe, and who knows what will come of The Morning Pages....


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