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Ride Entertainment: Menopause & MarcoPolo

70 miles down. 30 to go. It’s Feb 20th and I am crushing it. I’ve got eight days to complete 30 miles and will knock that out by next weekend.

I haven’t had a drink since February 13 (one week) and am not drinking until March 11th. The celebration for the completed 100 miles by February 28th will have to wait until I am off the wagon. I suppose I can still celebrate with a pulled pork kimchi sandwich at Fathom sans beer. However, sitting on that patio in the San Diego sun with that gorgeous view without a beer feels wrong. I’ll probably wait for a proper beer celebration.

I drove to Coronado and dropped in the Bayshore Bike Way in front of the Coronado Marriott just off Glorietta Bay Boulevard. Parking was a snap on the street. I popped over to second avenue and then hopped onto the path in front of Il Fornaio. There were loads of people out today on the water. It was windy and sunny at a perfect temp swaying between 72-75 degrees.

I rode 7.5 miles one way toward Imperial Beach past the Hotel Del and The Coronado Playhouse ending at Coronado Cayes. I turned around at the exact spot my husband proposed to me almost eight years ago and cruised back.

I spent most of the ride today on MarcoPolo with my siblings and a gal pal. I also listned to one of my new favorite podcasts named “Hit Play Not Pause” Its a podcast for active women going through peri or full menopause. Yes, at almost 46 I fall into that category. If hearing that word makes you uncomfortable, get over it. If you intend on having any sort of relationship with any woman over the age of 40, get comfortable talking about it and asking about it. The reason we all suffer from the symptoms as severely as we do is because not enough doctors have studied menopause or actively discuss the science with patients in their medic practice. No one ever talks about menopause. Yet, we all are suffering from it. I will say it again for you just to normalize it. This time in Jan Brady voice, “Menopause, Menopause, Menopause” No two women have the same experience. This started for me at 40 and each year brings new treats and tricks of unexplained and miserable symptoms. I have a handle on it, for now. However, podcasts like “Hit Play Not Pause” are an essential tool to help me navigate the odd waters, especially since most doctors can not.

Between the MarcoPolo and the podcast, I was completely entertained and the 15 miles went by quickly.

I only took one picture at the beginning as I was enthralled with the ride activities of the day. The sunset at the end turned the sky marmalade orange. I felt a sense of accomplishment driving over the Coronado Bridge with the stunning backdrop after the ride. It was a good time of day to do half the bayshore bike path.

Until the next ride, brush up on asking your female friends over age 40 how they’re doing with the “pause.” And let them talk about it. You’ll gain a pal for life. For more bike ride entertainment, visit my Brain Trails blog on To sign up for chapter releases or learn more info on my upcoming book click here.



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