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Day 5-21 Day Challenge-Breadless Stuffing


Day 5. I almost made it through a work week. This has been pretty easy.

The butternut squash concoction was delicious. I added Craisins and sesame oil. It tasted like Thanksgiving stuffing without the bread. It was crunchy and savory and oh so Thanksgiving-y....

Morning Meditation: Something about looking up at the sun and look for a rainbow but if there isn't a rainbow look at the sky and see the day's possibilities. I'll try that when the sun comes up because it's still dark out at 6 am in San Diego.

Dream last night: I won the lottery. A cool $20 million. Takeaway: buy a lottery ticket today.

Modification to plan: instead of morning pages AND blog post--just bog post. The intention was to write every morning. When I started with morning pages and then went to blog post I ran out of things to say.

Day 5 in and I am already recreating the rules just like I did when we were kids making up our own games and rules as we went along. Still don't miss dairy although I am trying to find a way to make a homemade Bavarian pretzel without butter so that should be a challenge. There are notes about Vegan dough, so I'll probably try that. Why a Bavarian Pretzel you ask? I am going to make my husband a home made romantic date night dinner on Saturday night. He asked if we could do pork schnitzel, cabbage, onions and a pretzel with a mustard bar. I've never made most of this and am always up for a challenge as evidenced by this weird little challenge I am doing right now. Today's workout is SPIN at Pure Indoor Cycling again. The ride yesterday was a DUO ride which means 2 instructors are on the podium at the same time switching off. It was super cool. There is no theme to today's ride just Pure Rhythm. I am a little nervous about missing it because I have a "discovery" call with a new client at 7 am.


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