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Day 14&15: 21-day challenge-The Sabbath

It appears I rested on the Sabbath and forgot to write yesterday. Today will be two posts in one.

Saturday and Sunday-no workout as directed by the Booster shot nurse, but I did do a tail hike with a pal and her kids on Saturday and a beach walk with my hubby and pup on Sunday.

Still no dairy and still pretty easy. I bought fake cheese yesterday and may use that at some point this week. I made the most delicious slow-cooked carnitas yesterday. Served them in butter lettuce wraps with pickled carrots, jalapeno, and cabbage.

The booster kicked my ass on Saturday after the hike and put me down for the count. My eyes were pretty glossy and I didn't look great. I just laid in bed and watched Dopesick and Law & Order: Organized Crime. That took me to bedtime which ended up being 8:30 on a Saturday night--Boom--Party Animal.

Today's workout is spin at Pure. I am excited about this workout because it's the night before National Entrepreneur's Day ride we are doing to promote my book and honor local entrepreneurs. Same time, maybe even the same crew of peeps.

Morning Meditation: Grace. Give it and receive it freely. I translate grace into empathy, permission and a good ole hall pass. We don't give enough of this to people. Most importantly, we don't give enough of it to ourselves. This is a good one for me to practice today and remember.



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