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Covid does not care if you are a republican, democrat or like me an NPP (No Party Preference.) Covid, like the boogie man, can get you when you’re asleep. It can get you when you’re awake. I've been wearing these stinking masks since April.

Really, it's, at all. I've worn masks to go out to dinner, masks to take a long walk in the heat, and masks to workout. I have so many darn masks, I had to give them their own drawer. (see below)

For those that complain about wearing a mask, it sucks, I agree.

It's hot, it's uncomfortable and for me, having asthma and wearing a mask is so darn unpleasant. However, in some communities, like mine, where our Covid cases are climbing, it's what has to be done to stop the virus. I need the virus to stop. My livelihood depends on it stopping. My sanity depends on it stopping. As much as I don't like wearing a mask, and being super sweaty trotting around town in a mask, I wear one because it helps. Even if it helps just a little bit--it's better than nothing.

If I were young and single, I'd probably look at wearing a mask like having to use a condom. It’s much more pleasurable without one, but it's much safer to use one. Could you get away without a mask or a condom? Probably. But, is your risk reduced while wearing a mask and/or a condom? YES. So, why wouldn't you want to do something that reduces your risk and the risk of the people around you from getting sick? And for some, like my husband or my parents, from getting a life threatening illness?

All this business about how wearing a mask restricts people's freedom is just horse pucky. If it’s a recommendation in your community to wear a mask, then, then just do it. No texting and driving is a rule and can cause car crashes. Does that take away your liberties? No Drinking and driving is a rule. Do you drive around drunk all mad at the law?

Take all that energy you have been exerting at calling people sheep online and do something productive with it that moves you and your family’s life forward.

Pick up some trash. Volunteer to help educate a kid whose parents are essential workers and have been deprived home schooling. Do something meaningful with all that angry energy.

For those that are mad, I hear them, I am angry too. I am angry that groups of more than 10 can not gather in most of the United States. I am angry that I am unsure if I will be able to travel across country to my godmother's funeral in a couple weeks. I am mad that I will only make 30% of my income this year. Covid has snatched all of this away from me.

I am still surviving--and still wearing a damn mask because, in California, it's a rule and I can't go to the grocery store without one. If you live in a community where it's safe to go without a mask, then, good for you, do it, enjoy it, my asthma and I are jealous. And, that is your choice. You don't have to get all cranky pants at the people that make their own choice to wear one. You'll never see me finger wagging at you for not wearing one in a community where it's safe. That's your call. You do you. For me, I wear one because it feels like the right thing to do for me. What I don’t like is the constant shaming for wearing or not wearing a mask on both sides. JUST STOP IT! Or in my dad’s voice when I was 10, “Kids, Knock It Off."

Wearing a mask is not political. Stop the shaming people for their own individual personal choices. Everyone's circumstance is different. Do the right thing for you, whatever that is and zip it. Your choices work for you but may not work for everyone else. Respect each other. Be kind. Listen and be open. There is so much that is out of control right now. The only thing we can control is our mindset. Mask shaming and political party blaming can't possibly be good for your brain and your interpersonal relationships. Get out from behind the computer, go outside-with or without your mask--and do something good for the world.

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