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Day 7-21 Day Challenge-BREATHE

11/7: Well shit just got nuts. I woke up, did meditation and then everything went to hell and a handbasket. My husband has a colonoscopy on Wednesday and started looking at his instructions today-Sunday. He just realized there is more prep than anticipated so I got sucked into that brain trail. As we looked at all the docs and his screen, the dog we are babysitting got into a fight with our puppy and one of them bit my husband. He is on blood thinners. It looked like a mild massacre. We had to separate them, deal with the dog drama and bandage up hubby. In tandem, the laundry needed to be moved from washer to dryer but my husband wasn't sure which items of mine needed to be hung up so he asked me to oversee that task as well. At the moment, I am rushing through these morning pages because I have to leave for spin class. But...I am doing it. It's happening, Come hell or high water I will get this stuff in.

Although husband gratitude dinner last night was delicious and came out perfectly, we did not actually eat dinner together at the same time. Hubby got tipsy during the day. While I cooked, he napped (aka passed out)

When dinner was ready, he was not so I enjoyed the nice place setting and the meal alone--which was actually quite nice. The no dairy no gluten pretzel breading for the pork was excellent... and I pounded that pork loin out like a boss. I thought the mallet was too small but it did the trick.

After I cleaned up dinner I fell asleep watching Law and Order Organized Crime---that Chris Meloni--is still SO hot! I once was at a business dinner where people were talking about a full-frontal video on the webs of Chris Meloni. I had never seen it so I looked it up while they were talking and gasped.

The older judgy lady across from me at the dinner table looked at me in disapproval and said "I can't believe you're looking this up while at dinner."

I smiled, looked at it one more time and put my phone down.

A couple glasses of wine later that same old judgy lady was now sitting next to me and asked "Can you show me that video?" PERV! I loved it. I showed her, we laughed, and it was a fun business memory.

Morning Meditation: When things get out of control and everything falls apart, breathe--notice the part of your body in pain and breathe into it and know that the pain is only one breathe away from healing. Loved this one. Especially since when I read it, it was 6 am and all was calm in the world. Little did I know what insanity would ensue. It's almost as if that little meditation book knew that stuff was about to get bat shit bananas.


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